Amd athlon x4 630 lags on nba 2k10 in high settings

Why Is that My nba 2k10 is lagging on high settings? I have a good Computer?

specs: Amd athlon II x4 630 2.8ghz
gigabyte ma74gm s2
2gigabyte ddr2 ram
palit 9500 gt 1gb pcie
windows 7 ultimate 32 bit
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  1. What resolution are you playing the game at ?

    Besides that I would say that the 9500GT is the weaker component of your build.

    The Athlon II is pretty fair.
  2. +1, the 9500gt only has 32 stream processors where the gtx 480 has 480, i will say to get ur stream processor count over 100 if you want to game, unless its COD, love how easy it is to rock cod at 1080p
  3. NBA 2K10 recommends a 7900GT or better video card. I think your 9500GT falls short in that area.

    Passmark GPU (video card) benchmark scores
    GeForce 7900 GT = 572
    GeForce 9500 GT = 359
    GeForce 9600 GT = 927

    THG: Best Graphics Cards For The Money: July 2010
    Radeon HD 5570 = 737
    GeForce GT 240 = 769
  4. resolution is 1024x768
  5. 1024x768 should be handlable by that gpu, knock down the eye candy
  6. so what should i do? what do you mean knock down the eye candy?
  7. How does the game run on medium settings?
    'eye candy' would be highest settings.
  8. Well it run smooth but i experience a little bit of lag? maybe 2%, and when i change it on high settings it starts to lag, is the problem is my ram? should change resolutions what resolution?
  9. CPU, RAM, HDD and motherboard are all OK. Your problem for smooth game play is the video card.
  10. What size & screen resolution is your monitor?
  11. 9500GT is a fairly weaking gaming card.

  12. The size of my LCD Monitor is 18.5' my resolution is 1366x768.
  13. Try running the game @ 1366x768 on medium graphics settings.
  14. I change it in 1366x768 but i lags more maybe 5%
  15. Best answer
    Play around with the medium graphics settings. Do some testing to see if you can get to run OK by turning some of the medium options off.
  16. Im Thinking of maybe my ram is the problem because im using win7 32 bit. Because I here That win7 is eating a lot of memory.
  17. RAM is not your problem. You have 'enough'. Win 7 will 'give up' RAM when another program needs it.
  18. So My grapchics card is my problem?
  19. Yes; NBA 2K10 recommends a 7900GT or better video card.
    Your 9500GT falls short of that recommendation. See my first post.
  20. You just need a better video card. I played the game all the time with my x4 630. It runs fine. Even a weaker e5200 runs that game smoothly.
  21. really? did you play it in High Settings? What is the memory of your ram?
  22. I have run 2k10 with an x3 435 and a 9800GT all settings maxed out and runs smooth. The processor is overclocked but not much. 2 Gigs of RAM is plenty for that game and most other games. Get a better GPU and it will be nice and smooth.
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