Dell 620 Usff Ram upgrade

I also have some codes from the blue screen if those would help?
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  1. This is everything on the page once it freezes/blue screen.

    Pfn list corrupt
    Check and make sure any hardware or software is properly installed
    Ask your hardware or software manufacturer if any windows updates are needed
    If the problem continues, disable or removed and newly installed hardware or software
    Disable bios memory options such as catching or shadowing
    If you need to use safe mode to remove or disable the components restart f8 to select advanced startup and select safe mode
    Check info *** stop : 0x0000004e
  2. Sounds good, thanks!
  3. The only thing Ive really done is taken the Ram out and reinstalled to make sure it was seated correctly, and yes I have the original (512GBx2)set that came stock in the Dell and the new set(2GBx2) that I purchased from New Egg.The new set is manufactured by GEIL. Every time I install the new set the computer runs fine for a while then usually while on the internet it will lock up and show the blue screen. I put the stock ram back in and hasn't done it since.
  4. I have not ran Dell diognostics with the new RAM but will as my next step, and yes the unit boots up and detectects both sticks but after use BSOD appears and computer completey locks up. I think that would mean the RAM is not defective and some other problem is occuring. It seems like it could be heat related since it take a while to occur and some source of load on the CPU to force the problem. But I am very new to computers and could be way off!
  5. Quote:
    and how did you come about this RAM being compatible with the GX620.?
    you saw a list or something that said this will work or you figured it out by matching up specs.?

    I found the RAM specs for the DELL GX620 USFF on here-


    and then matched it to the GEIL RAM from new egg.
  6. Yes the BSOD appears based on use Im pretty sure. It always occurs at different lengths of time. I dont use the computer much, and it is never under much load. My mother and sister use it for browsing the internet only. They have both had it lock up during filling out applications for different things. So Im not sure if it was being stressed at all. Its running Windws XP Home Basic.
  7. When installing the new RAM do I have to manually change the timing and hz? I upgraded the RAM on my own PC and it went very smoothly and I didn't change anything. Just put the sticks in and it was up and running.
  8. It seems that way, she had never had it freeze before the upgrade. Its been about 3 weeks since I removed the GIEL RAM and no problems so far going back to the stock RAM.
  9. Not too sure, they might trade for a new set, but no refund. It's been well over 30 days now. I wish she would have said something sooner. Should I test each card by itself to see if it might just be one of them? This is the correct RAM right? The settings should be correct is what you said above? When I go to the bios menu how do I get to the manual settings for CPU and RAM?
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