Nvidia gtx260/good for older and some new games?

allright i found a computer http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/product/hewlett-packard-hp-pavilion-elite-desktop-computer-featuring-intel-core-processor-i7-860-hpe-171f-english-hpe-171f/10138058.aspx?path=20fa0517302b0f638db831ccfd185e6ben02

and was wondering would this be able to run some older games ( cod 4, unreal tournament 3, battle field 2142/bf2) and newer games (crysis, metro 2033, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.'s and others?

the graphics card is Nvidia gefore 260GTX

it got some really nice becnhmarks so i was wondering fi this was a good buy
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  1. For 1300 Bucks you can build yourself a really good system with a scope of adding stuff in later on...... why settle for a Brand??
  2. ^+1.

    Build it yourself and you will get a much much better gfx card for your rig for $1300(Like HD5850/GTX 470/HD5870)
  3. Agreed with above. If you don't need a monitor and OS, you can build yourself an HD5850 Crossfire system for $1300. Phenom II x4 OC'd, 4GB DDR3 -> 1600, 1TB?, 885G, I donno.
  4. Deffinetly, i have it and it runs awesome, although you may need to buy a new power supply or else your computer may crash when running games because i had to. I can run games like assassins creed revelations and dishonored beautifully
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