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I have an old Gateway that I just got out to see if it works still (made on 2002). It works fine and I got the hardware for getting online to work. I put in my IP address, etc and it connects, it works...BUT when I try to get online it tries to connect. The little progress circle keeps spinning,etc but no connection. I searched around the networking, setting up a network, connection, etc. XP tells me that the software may be too old to connect. How and or where would I get the appropriate software to get it to work? Like I say, the machine is old, but works fine otherwise. Thanks for any help
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  1. how do u connect to the internet? do you use DHCP on your router? if you use DHCP and your internet is already connected, try to check your internet connection at your IE-Tools-Internet Option-Connection.

    Check if there is any dial up adapter that is set up there. if there is and you dont need it there, then jz remove it
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