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I have an old Gateway that I just got out to see if it works still (made on 2002). It works fine and I got the hardware for getting online to work. I put in my IP address, etc and it connects, it works...BUT when I try to get online it tries to connect to the internet. The little progress circle keeps spinning,etc but no connection. I searched around the networking, setting up a network, connection, etc. XP tells me that the software may be too old to connect. How and or where would I get the appropriate software to get it to work? Like I say, the machine is old, but works fine otherwise. My Gateway uses a Gateway wireless adapter (WGC-220 Wireless PC Card adapter. It worked fine and connected online years ago (7yrs), since then our internet connection is faster and may be upgraded, but would that keep it from getting online? Sounds like I may need some kind of new software or maybe drivers?? Thanks for any help!

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  1. are u using wpa 2 for your internet? what xp are you using and which sp are u using?
  2. I am using XP home edition, SP2 and I am not sure what wpa is.
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