System wont post (new build)

Building my own system.
AMD Phenom II X4 955 black 3.2mhz

Motherboard/ MSI 890FXA-GD70

Video-cards 2 x EVGA Geforce 250 1gb 256bit in Xfire (only used one for the initial set up)

Power: Coolmaster 650W

Gone through 3 different memory sticks all DDR3 dual chn 1600, 1800, 2000 (tried all different kinds only using one in the first slot for power ups.

Ive gone step by step troubleshooting each part. Every thing powers on and looks in working order, vice either the CPU or some part of the Mother board.

Lights on the board come on and I get a flashing red light by the battery(not sure what that means and its not in the MoBo manual.)
I cant get to any bios set up or any indication that the processor is running.

I removed the MoBo from the case set it on its box and tried booting only the Cpu, memory, power sup and the video cards (swapping out each one to rule out a video card issue.)
Ive ruled out case shorts, memory, video cards and power supply.
I'm left with either Mobo or CPU but Mobo seems to be working fine and I have a hard time beveling i got a bad AMD cpu (pins all normal and no chips or marks.)

Am I missing something simple or do I have major issue?
any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I'm pulling my hair out!
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    Have you performed EVERY step in the troubleshooting checklist in my signature? Step #2 is by far the most common mistake. Do you have a system speaker installed? What happens when you try to boot with no RAM installed? If you have a system speaker installed your motherboard should beep like crazy with no RAM installed.

    I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but your motherboard doesn't support SLI. Even when you get the system working you won't be able to use both of your Nvidia GPUs. I would return them for one nice ATI GPU like a 5850.

    SAPPHIRE 100282-3SR Radeon HD 5850 (Cypress Pro) 1GB 256-bit DDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card w/ Eyefinity
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  3. So did you get your system to boot? If so, what was the problem? It would be nice to list what the problem was to help people with similar problems.
  4. Thanks I did miss a step in step two, forgetting to plug in the 8pin power cable to the motherboard.

    As for the Graphics cards, Really? Believe me when i saw it's not that I don't trust you I'm just surprised that the guy at Fry's gave me such bad info. Well that disappointing but such is life. Thanks for the help, I rather be stupid (ignorant) then unlucky!
  5. I'm absolutely positive your motherboard doesn't support SLI. The only AMD boards that support SLI are boards that use an Nvidia Nforce chipset. I'm not surprised the guy at Fry's gave you bad info. They're certainly better than the drones that work at Best Buy and the "Geek Squad", but they still aren't very knowledgeable.
  6. Nope a quick google shows that your board doesn't support SLI. And not for nothing does the Mobo box say "Crossfire" all over it and not SLI?

    Eitherway I hope you kept the receipt for those GPUs
  7. Yeah that figures, oh well should have done my home work better. So if I go with the GPU you recommended SAPPHIRE 100282-3SR Radeon HD 5850, Should i up my power supply or do you think 650watts could handle it?
  8. The 650W PSU will handle a 5850. Which 650W Cooler Master PSU is it, though? Cooler Master doesn't really make very good PSUs.
  9. @fastx21 It doesnt say cross fire on the box but it was listed in the specs and it came with a MSI Multi GPU cross fire video link card.
  10. it is a GX650w coolmaster,

    @fast here's a link to the Mobo on newegg just encase you wanted to see.
  11. The terms Crossfire and SLI are not interchangeable. Crossfire refers to multiple ATI GPUs while SLI refers to multiple Nvidia GPUs. Nvidia charges a licensing fee for SLI certification. That's why way more boards support Crossfire than SLI.
  12. @shortstuff
    Thanks for your help it's been like 6 years since i built a computer so I'm kind of lost. You saved me a lot of stress
  13. That PSU will easily power a 5850. It's one of the better Cooler Master units. It has active PFC, is 80+ certified, and has 52A on the 12v rail, so it's fine.

    Glad to help. At least you got your boot problem sorted out. :)
  14. Don't get me wrong bobbybrady, I'm not trying to slam you. But usually mobo boxes do write all kinds of support works on it. And yeah I saw the newegg listing as well... what can you do right?

    Anyway I do agree that a better solution would be to return the gefore 250s and get a single 5850. But if you can't couldn't you simply return the mobo and get another one? Your argument could be that their own worker mislead you.

    BTW bobby states that he used one nvidia card to test his new rig. So shouldn't it post anyway regardless of sli support or not?
  15. fastx21 said:
    BTW bobby states that he used one nvidia card to test his new rig. So shouldn't it post anyway regardless of sli support or not?

    I believe the boot problem was solved by plugging in the 8-pin CPU power connector.
  16. :)

    shortstuff_mt said:
    I believe the boot problem was solved by plugging in the 8-pin CPU power connector.
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