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Hello All,
My chipset heatsink was dangling when I opened the case today to do some cleaning, it's the type with a Z spring to hold it down. One of the installed retaining clips was missing so I fabricated a replacement from a safety pin. I set it in the holes in the MB and super-glued it in place. The HS is holding just fine but now the unit won't boot up. PSU fan turns and HD is turning and CD drive. Nothing else moves. Has my clip shorted the MB?
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  1. If you have a metal safety pin touching the underside of the motherboard, then yes.

    I bought a used setup from someone who "forgot" to tell me the NB heatsink wasn't there. Said he ran it OC'd all the time and it never had problems. I refused to even boot it with no sink. I hopped on Newegg and bought some of that adhesive thermal paste and bonded an old CPU heatsink to it. Overkill, but I didn't have to worry about how to attach it. After you unglue it, I suggest you do the same.
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