Really low 3dmark06 score

Hi all

I just build my new system here last night..

I did a fresh install of windows 7 home premium 64bit and everything seemed to run smooth.

Untill I tried 3dmark 06..

My score was only 12644 3dmarks :??: ...
I then searched for other peaople with an i7 and gtx 470, and they all got atleast 22000 3dmarks

My system:

CPU: Core i7 930 / 2,80Ghz
CPU cooler: stock intel
videocard: Asus GTX 470
RAM: 6GB corsair XMS3 DDR3 1333MHz CL9
PSU: OCZ StealthXtream 600w

Does anyone know what might be the cause for this??

I appreciate all the help I can get
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  1. Could be any number of things, you are going to have to give a lot more details than this. Did you install all the drivers? What settings are running at? You do have a problem, my Phenom 920 and 8800GTS will score mid 14's.
  2. I installed all the drivers that came with the motherboard, it's a Gigabyte X58A-UD3R by the way..
    I have also installed the 197.75 driver from the Nvidia page.

    The settings for 3dmark is just set at standard.. 1280*1024 and no AA. the filtering is set to optimal.

    thank you for your quick reply :)
  3. I'll check my drivers when I get home, but make sure that vertical sync, or sync every frame is turned off in you nVidia control panel.
  4. thanks alot, sounds great :)

    I just checked vertical sync, and it is turned off, unfortunately.
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