Recovering data from hp pavillion hard drive without the laptop

I have the hard drive removed from my HP Pavillion dv3000 due to the the rest of laptop being fried. Is there a way to recover the data without an Hp laptop? I have a Toshiba Satellite that does work. Was hoping to find a way to connect the HP drive via USB to my toshiba and revover data. Any chance this is possible
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  1. sure just pop the drive into an external usb enclosure then you can access the drive from any other computer that has a usb plug.
  2. or you can use something like this...

    I have one and it works like a charm! I also have one of these that works...

    the Startech comes in a USB 3.0 version as well
  3. Thanks guys for the responses. I will pick one up later today and give it a shot.
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