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How do I reset my BIOS (MSI P965 Platinum)

Hey guys, so I'm new to overclocking and had my pc running pretty stable but when I did a frequency change for my DRAM my pc wouldn't boot. The manual says to recover your pc from an overclocking failure you have to turn the computer on and off 3 times and on the 4th it should POST and acknowledge the overclocking failure but my computer won't do this. Every time I turn it on the fans on my graphics card and heatsink spin up to full (I think) and nothing comes up on my screen and no beeps to be heard. There doesn't seem to be anything that I can do... If anyone knows a possible fix for this it would be greatly appreciated
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    Pull the CMOS battery out for about a minute. Reinstall. Turn on. Everything should be reset to either factory default settings, or the default settings of the last BIOS update, if you did one.
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