Powercolour 5970 fault

Hi peeps i wonder if you could give me some idea as to what could of caused the damage to my graphics card,
I only purchased the parts a few days ago from a company and from day one have had nothing but problems.

System Specs

Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7
Corsair Dominator GT 6GB 2000MHz Triple Channel Kit
Powercolor ATI Radeon HD 5970
Intel Core i7 920
Crucial RealSSD C300 128GB

Problems started from day one of the build i was getting C1 errors from the MB on boot which point to the ram
Ran memtest and that reported no errors, when i did get the system to boot i would get BSOD IRQ_NOT_LESS_NOT_EQUAl
and when it would run in 3d mode i would get black flickering lines in game i tried diff drivers 10.1 10.3 10.4 and still the same
Reflashed the bios to the latest one from gigabyte still got several C1 errors before getting it to boot i ran bad company 2 and within 2 mins black lines appered and screen went blank, i rebooted the system and all i got was no signal on the monitor tried several times but nothing.
I removed the graphics card and tried it in the second pcie x 16 slot and the the system booted after 5 mins there was a pop and electrical smell and screen went blank again shut the system down removed the graphics card and this was the result.

http://img260.imageshack.us/img260/33/img0274e.th.jpg Uploaded with ImageShack.us" class="img lazy">

Now the comp i purchased the parts from are refusing to replace saying that there is no way that damage could of happened under normal use :fou:
bios was set at default ive had my power supply cheacked and no faults there at the mo im at a loss
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  1. The first pins on pci-e connectors are the power pins. The only thing that could have caused that is something that short-cirquited those pins. If i was the seller i'd be hesitant to replace it aswell, if it was returned in that state.

    You should have taken it back from day one (before it had any signs of physical damage) if the problem started when you bought it.
  2. Try an RMA with powercolor.

    Perhaps the card was so heavy the it forced down on the PCI-E lane too much or the contacts weren't made so good.
  3. Thanks for the replies this happened on the second day after contacting them, where i was told by them to run mem test and try a different driver.
    as regards rma to powercolour the parts are less than a week old
    and as i sated above the first pcie x 16 slot stopped working altogether which made me wonder if the motherboard had taken the card out
  4. You should RMA the card. Its not the weight, its short circuit cooked. Whats the PSU? Try changing the video card. Did you try any converters for the 8/6 pins? Could also be the motherboard, so time to test.

    btw Veeery Nice SSD
  5. hi the power supply is a Corsair HX 850W this has been tested and all voltages and amps are spot on. I'm awaiting the parts to come back from them, they are saying that they have spoken to the manufacturer and its them that are saying that the damage has been caused from misuse, hence why im on here trying to get some advice as i need to get a case against them, i have a spare 5850 but am reluctant to try it in the board in case it fries that. ive built enough systems in my time to know what i'm doing just annoying that i spent over 2k with them and this is how they treat there customers.
    Ty about the SSD stupidly quick drive lol :)
  6. If the board fried the 2nd card, the Motherboard Manufacturer should cover the price of Both cards.
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