Which is faster, 2 Plextor M3 Pro in Raid 0 or OCZ RevoDrive PCI?

Which is faster/better, 2 Plextor M3 Pro SSD's in Raid 0 or a single OCZ RevoDrive PCI based SSD? This will be used in Windows 6 64 bit doing mostly development work in Visual Studio. In both configurations, read speeds seem to be more than 1G/sec which is nice.

#1 factor for me is read speed. Price per option is about $600 and price is not a factor.

I read somewhere that OCZ's higher read numbers are based on uncompressed files. I am not sure if this is a factor I should consider or if it applies to my kind of work. (Marvel controller vs whatever OCZ is using).

I already have an SSD (Intel X-25M) as my system drive and want to upgrade.
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  1. Sorry but while both are excellent choices, they will provide equal real world performance -- you can spend whatever you want for bragging rights, but there will be no noticeable real world performance between either choice. Personally, I would go with a mainstream solution that will not cause any issues -- those on a SATA controller.

    I use a 240 Vertex 3 MaxOPS and a Crucial M4 256 scratch drive for video ripping, and I doubt that you would find anything that runs faster for real world uses, only benchmarks will vary and they are pretty useless for real users, only good for bragging rights.
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