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im wondering if i get an ssd is it safe if i save my gams on ssd or hould i save them on my hdd
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  1. yes it is safe. get an SSD now
  2. There is no problem with installing games on an ssd providing your ssd has sufficient capacity.

    Typically users will install Microsoft Windows 7, software applications, utilities, and favorite games on an ssd. Additional games, data files, videos, images, music, documents, and backups are stored on a hard disk drive if the ssd does not have sufficient capacity. Games can be swapped between the ssd and the hard drive.

    How large an ssd were you planning to get?
  3. 128gb
  4. That is sufficient capacity for Microsoft Windows 7, software applications, utilities, and favorite games.

    128GB ssd's are the current "sweet spot" and can found on sale for less than $100.00 USD.
  5. Hey im just wonderin if ocz octane is any good
  6. I maintain the ssd database listed in the sticky at the very top of this forum section. Here is the link:

    Scroll down to the OCZ section where you will find quite a few links to technical reviews of the Octane ssd. Click on the links to read the reviews.

    OCZ classifies the Octane as a "mainstream" ssd rather than a "performance" or "enthusiast" ssd. It was designed for typical everyday use.
  7. Im only casual gamer anyway
  8. hey my mate says a ssd is only for a sever computers
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