Problem bridging routers


I'm trying to bridge two routers.

SMC - SMCWBR14S-N4 (slave)
Linksys - WRT54G (master)

1. I set the slave router to operate in bridge mode.
2. Gave it an IP in the same subnet as master, not in DHCP range. (
3. Set default gateway to master router IP. (
4. Disabled DHCP.
5. Set wireless security settings to match master.

The problem I'm having is the routers are communicating but the master assigns an IP in its DHCP range to the slave. I see the slave show up in the master DHCP client table. I'm not expecting to see this, I'm expecting to see clients connected to the slave LAN ports show in the master DHCP client table. In my case I have a Directv HD box and a Sharp BD player connected to the LAN ports of the slave. I expect the master to provide IP's to them but that's not happening. Any suggestions?
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  1. i used dd-wrt so maybe these instructions can help

    by the looks of the settings you looks liek it should work maybe got turn something off like multicast or stp firewall

    Good luck
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