Video card fried? System no longer posting

My system:

Abit P35 Pro Mobo
4 gigs ocz ram
2-500 gig HD's
Creative Labs x-fi gamer sound card
PC Power and Cooling 750 watt PSU
evga 8800 gtx

So i've had this system for about 2.5 years. No problems. Then Nvidia released some faulty drivers about 2, 3 months ago that from my understanding disabled the automatic fan. One explosion in BFBC2, and my system crashed, booted up, and artifacts anywhere. EVGA took and RMA and sent me a new card. Roll back drivers and about a week later, same thing. Evga takes the card back again! Third time I format the whole computer and everything is going fine for a week. Load up BFBC2 again, and once again system crashed.

This time however my system will not even boot. There is no video. Mobo has an LCD screen and goes through all its checks and tries to boot, no problems. Tried with no video card, one stick of ram etc, same issue. Fan on the video card turns on if that matters...

So now what. My only uneducated guess is that my PSU is overvolting? I have nothing to test out with this system so it's leaving me in the dark. I almost bought a new video card and PSU this evening but I figured I'd come here first and see if I could get some other opinions. So what do you guys think?
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  1. No thoughts?

    Is there anyway to test my power supply? Could it possibly be my motherboard?

    SHould I just be purchasing a new power supply and video card now?
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