Two graphic cards?

Can i use two HD5770? the reason i am asking is because first i dont know much about computers! and my friend has two grphics cards in his pc i am just about to buy a HD5770 and cant afford two at the moment but would like to think i can add another if not which card do i buy that i can add another to at a later time?
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  1. If you have a crossfire supported motherboard and big enough PSU you can. Post your system specs.
  2. my specs are as follows:AMD QUAD AM3 620 2GB RAM 500GB Seagate HD & GeForce8200 CVO I am also looking at getting more RAM how much do i need?
  3. We need to know your motherboard.

    For RAM, 4GB is today's standard, just make sure you have a 64-bit OS.
  4. motherboard is GF 8200E
  5. That board does not support crossfire. So you can not use 2 x 5770.
    Single one works fine though.
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