PC freezing

Hello, I am new to the site, I have a very big problem in my pc


- Intel i7 930,
- Intel DX 58 SO board,
- Nvidia geforce 260 GTX,
- Kingston 8GB DD3 Ram,
- Thermaltake 750 W PSU,
- 2* WD 500Gb HDD 7200 RPM,
- Cooler master case 690
- Windows XP 64 bit..

despite all this my pc sometimes freezes :fou: and I am unable to click or even move the mouse and even Ctrl+alt+del becomes

irresponsive the only way is to force it off (reset) and then to turn it on again...

I mainly use 3ds max after effects and photoshop and many other 3D and 2D progs (I use it for rendering...) but I am very

disappointed that the Pc freezes and it coasted me alot to build such a system...

If someone have any ideas on why it's happening to my pc or what is the bottleneck in it I'll be grateful...

Thank You in advance.
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  1. I think a little bit more information is in order: what exactly happens when it freezes and generally what are you doing?

    Just stabbing in the dark because of a general lack of information, but I'd guess a heat problem. Can you give some more details about the cooling you're using and the case + ambient temperatures + some component temperatures (I use "speedfan" for temperatures if you don't already have something in mind)
  2. I don't have to do a complex thing (rendering or...) sometimes I open a program and it freezes and sometimes if I am working on a project it also freezes it don't happens all the time but each 2-3 days it happens once or twice.
    I use "Intel desktop manager" to monitor the temperatures the CPU's temp is normal the ambient temp if rendering is about 42 43 deg C sometimes higher but never enters thr Red zone...
    I dont think it's a heat problem because all the temp are normal
    Please check this link to see the case:


    All the coolers are standard (VGA and CPU) and no cooling on the RAM...
    Thank YOU
  3. Hi ronny, im having the same issue on my pc

    im looking at ur set up and we have 1 thing in common DX58SO mobo. i have an i7 92O and is just freezes when im playing it can happen10 times in a day and none in two weeks

    i updated drivers, bios and the problem remains

    does ur pc restarts after sometime when u leave it freezed ? does ur hdd light stops flashing ? ( the blue one on the motherboard)
    do u have the sata or the molex aux power connected ?

    im also checking my temps with everest ultimate, IOH under 50 Mobo under 45 GPU UNDER 70 Cpu under 57 currenst ok, Voltages ok.... i really dont know what to do... =(
  4. When it freezes I usually reset it manually I don't wait it to see if it restarts i'll try it the next time it happens (hopefully it doesn't happen anymore)

    And I didn't check if the HDD light stops flashing

    I have the molex aux power connected

    lexrg i'll let U know if the hdd light stops flashing and if it restarts after sometime
  5. y mobo didnt have the molex aux power so im using the sata one

    ty i think the mobo is the problem
  6. mu GPU's temp never exceeded 55 deg C, its normal temp is 47 deg C...all the temps are normal and all the voltages are stable and normal :??:
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