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Hey guys,
I've been using a separate microphone and headphones for the longest time now, and I'm looking to get a *decent* headset with good sound quality, and a mic attached. Oh, and it also has to have a usb cable.
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  1. Hey grocerybag, noones replied to ya yet so I figured I'd go ahead and mention the Logitech G35. It's one of the highest rated surround sound gaming headsets. It retails at $129.99, but if you look in the right places, you might be surprised what kinda deals you can get. I got mine from a Logitech overstock seller on Ebay, brand new, but no retail packaging for $75, seller name was netdirectbargains.

    Anywho, I have 2 friends that picked up some refurbished G35 headsets from a reputable ebay seller for $59.99 each, free shipping. There aren't any discernable differences between the refurbished headsets and mine. I actually originally bought the G35 from BestBuy just to compare it to my "overstock" headset, and it was exactly the same, this is all legit.

    So yea, since $60 is your budget, I'd definately recommend going with the refurbished Logitech G35. Here's the link
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