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I hope someone else out there has run into this.

I have a Biostar motherboard TA790GXBE MB with integrated video. On the board I have both VGI and DVI.

My issue is I am not able to make dual monitors work Biostar tech support states that you can no use a converter for the DVI which I find to be really strange as I have yet to come across this before.

I currently have 2 DVI converters but neither work... Has anyone been able to get this to work with 2 vga only monitors?
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  1. In my opinion I have never heard of an onboard solution able to support two screens. As for the DVI connector it lookds like DVI-I so it's weird that it can't convert to VGA since the cross connection on the right is for VGA signals.
  2. Thats kinda what I thought as well and I purchased a DVI I to vga converter but no luck... I typically don't use on board video but I was trying to build a cheap computer with the hopes that this would work...
  3. It could stay cheap if your willing to buy a graphics card that is on the low end, would you use it for gaming?
  4. Nope not a gaming machine... I have a Wii and a Xbox360 for that... oh well I guess I shouldn't have blown my wade on the 6 gigs of memory....
  5. You shouldn't have, how about this card?
    6 GB of memory is if you're a serious computer gamer, as 6 GB for anything else would only benefit if you do any video or photo editing.
  6. Actually I do a lot of OS testing and use the box to run Virtual server so the extra ram does really help....

    Not a bad card from what I can tell. maybe a little over the top as I don't need HDMI but that's nice price
  7. I recommended it because from all the other DDR3 cards this was the fastest, the HDMI is for if you plan to connect to connect to a TV as all Radeon 5000s support Dolby bitstreaming over HDMI, though your going to have to check with the manufacterer to be sure.
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