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Hey everyone...Just got windows 7 ultimate for my Compaq Presario R3000 AMD64 and I installed a driver for my GeForce4 from LaptopVideo2Go with an *inf mod and all the installation went very smoothly...but when looking at my properties it states that windows has stopped the device (GeForce) because if code 43??? Anything I can do? Want to drop some knowledge on me?

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  1. Um, to tell you the truth a Geforce 4 does not support DirectX 9, 10, or 11 which Windows 7 uses. It's a DX 7 chip and frankly I would say you shouldn't have got 7 for that laptop as it's really so old it didn't come with Vista.
  2. It was only 10 bucks from my university bookstore so i jumped on the deal. Ah well...
  3. That's stilll pretty nice for that laptop, keep 7 but try and run XP or 2000(not recommended) on it, and it should be fine.
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