Nothing download on my pc

on my pc... the download is starts but it wont finish... i coulndt install anything... can anyone know whats happing in my pc...
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  1. So U only have this problem with downloads? Or with a certain download? Can U open web pages ok, or watch videos,etc ? Does it do the same in safe mode with networking, or another user?

    Try downloading your software from other website.
    Try restoring IE settings to default (or whatever browser U have)
    Try updating your browser
    Try another browser
    Try downloading to another location on your hard drive
    Or try in IE safemode :
    Start>run>and type
    iexplore.exe -extoff
    and press ok (then try to download)
    Do U have enough space free?
    Do U get any errors?
    Check event viewer for related stuff.

    Run CCleaner, and run a Malwarebytes, just in case. (google them)
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