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Just want to asking a Simple question.. Is it true that we can make RAM from our PCs memory using ReadyBoost?
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  1. ReadyBoost is a way to use a USB stick to cache frequently-used programs. It will only benefit the initial loading of a program, but does not make the program itself any faster. Generally, if you have 4GB of RAM and a decently fast hard drive, you won't benefit at all from ReadyBoost.
  2. ^+1 with sufficient physical RAM installed. I do like the idea of ReadyBoost if you have an SSD only in the fact that that it reduces wear and tear off the SSD.
  3. +More, I used to have a 4Gb flashdrive dedicated to Rdyboost,
    but I found it actually hurt performance rather than helped it, so I ditched it in favour of tweaking ram speed in bios, seems to be the way (at least in my case)
    but to simply answer your question,
    No, Readyboost is something involving a usb drive, you seem to be referring to a pagefile set on the hard drive which is used as ram (kinda)
  4. ^+Some More :) Very true if you have a non 'ReadyBoost' 'approved' Flash Drive. If the Flash Drive has slow R/W then yep totally true; it needs a fast speed rating. e.g.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fanboy of ReadyBoost.
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