Samsung SM2233RZ 3D 120Hz Monitor

Hi everyone :)

I see the Samsung SM2233RZ 3D 120Hz Monitor has appeared. Every monitor I've had in the past operates at 60Hz at maximum resolution which is a bugger when my system pushes more than 60fps on some games. This leads to screen tearing at higher frames rates rather than slower ones. Well samsung's new monitor boasts 120Hz. My questions are these.

Does anyone have this monitor and is it any good?

Does anyone know if this is 120Hz at maximum resolution or just in 3D?

Is this monitor any good at 3D with the glasses? and is 3D any good anyway as I have no experience with it (gaming or otherwise).

What support is there at present for 3D gaming?

I don't want to spend over two hundred on a monitor only to find it's 120Hz at lower frame rates, or only 120Hz while in 3D :non:

Many thanks.

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  1. Resolution is 16x10 on that model.
    It should be (overall) a nice monitor.
    I checked out the Samsung 55 inch 3D on movies with
    the 3D glasses on movies, it was pretty cool.

    For 3D gaming i hear the PS3 is suppose to be upgraded for it.
    Along with BFBC2 and WoW and some others i can't think of at the moment.
  2. Hi Everyone,

    I have discovered through research that the Samsung 120Hz is split across two layers in 3D, operating at 60Hz each. So in reality it is no better than any other monitor in terms of Hz :non: However this new 3D monitor has been released by Acer and it IS 120Hz at 1920 x 1080 according to specifications.

    All avid gamers see it here.

    Read a review here :)

    It looks kick arse and will be on my wish list for the coming gaming year :bounce:

    AimlessSerenity (Happiness is something that happens to others)
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