The infinite restart loop on my new homebuilt! help im stuck!!

Hello, thanks for reading and maybe atempting to help me solve my problem!

Well here goes, I have just bought a new mobo and cpu and installed all of it corectly (atleast to my understanding) I installed it it inside an old pc case i had lying around and put the video card, hdds, and RAM in it. eventually after noticing that my proccesor was running way too hot (60° C) and figured out that those anoying pins on those stock intel coolers werent properly placed i got frustrated and just bought a recomended aftermarket cooler from ncix.

then when i thought everything was in working order i popped in the brand new windows 7 home premium cd and followed the steps. The first thing i noticed is that it was extremely slow, when it actually gets to the pretty blue screen where windows 7 installs after restarting it takes about 10 minutes if not longer to open the window where i have to select my language. sometimes it freezes and i restart and sometimes it doesnt, the third time it finnaly didnt freeze and kept going until it finished completing the installation. the screen when black, flashed for two seconds and resumed with the black screen. after about an hour i thought it was done and restarted my computer. this is when the never ending loop of restarts comes in. ive done this a few times now and i am just completly stuck. :fou:

in case its needed these are my system specs:

mobo - GA-P45- DS4P
CPU - E8400 wolfdale @ 3.00 Ghz
RAM - 2x1GB (not sure of the make)
GPU - Nvidia 7200 LE
HDD - 2x 250GB

P.S. the GPU and RAM have been taken out of my old HP computer - HP Media Center PC m7680n
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  1. try to install some form of linux, like ubuntu, and run some diagnostic testing to see if you can weed out certain hardware parts
  2. do you recomend any programs? im a noob when it comes to linux so anything helps. i jsut got ubuntu on it.
  3. A couple of things
    1. Make sure that your mobo is not grounding out to your case
    2. Set your mobs bios to defaults from the factory
    3. Run memtest off of the ubuntu live cd to check your memory
    4. Disconect your HD when you run ubuntu

    Good luck
  4. ive done all of your points except point 3. I'm running a memtest right now but its been stuck at 37% for a while now. its not like the computer froze because there are still several blinking characters on the screen.
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