Advice for Gaming/HTPC Final Spec, few last questions

Hi all. This will be my second build, the last one was a high end video editor. This time round I'm looking to replace my ps3 with a gaming/ bluray playing media storage htpc. I'd like this one to be an upgradeable long term unit. I've got around $1000-1500 to play with.

I already have an ATX mid-tower case picked out, Lian Li FTW, and I have 6gb of OCZ DDR3 laying around.

My biggest question is what kind of Graphics card to look at. My surround system has HDMI so I'd like the audio/video out through the same cable. I presume that isn't a problem for decent new cards. I prefer Nvidia, though I'm not married to them. Any suggestions would be helpful. I'd like to be playing Battlefield 2 and the new CoD coming out at the end of the year.

Also any suggestions for a good wireless keyboard and mouse would be appreciated, I'm not sold on the remotes yet unless you guys think they are worth it.
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  1. For HTPC, you'll want to go AMD/ATI for the video card because the HD5xxx series of cards can bitstream the HD audio found on blu-ray disks.

    For keyboards, what's your budget?

    Some suggestions:

    Less expensive (what I use):

    Moneual MK700 $30

    Median cost:

    Enermax Aurora Micro $80


    Logitech Dinovo Mini $120-150
  2. Ok, I was reading up on the latest Nvidia 470s and I saw that the audio wasn't suported. I wonder if they will fix that in a firmware update? In any event it looks like I should go with a 5850?

    How's this spec:

    Lian Li $130

    Asus P6T + i930 $500 (or should I get the Deluxe V2?)

    Sapphire HD 5850 $390

    Cooler Master 750W + WD 1.5Tb Green $180

    WD 64Gb SSD $130 (or the 128Gb for $250?)

    LG BDR $100

    Linksys PCI Wireless N $60

    OCZ 6Gb Gold 1333 (Already Have)

    Win7 Home $100

    Logitech diNovo $120???

    Looks to be a bit over budget, but I might be able to swing it.

    I'm still not sure about the keyboard. Mostly I just want something that is rechargeable so I don't have to worry about batteries. Not sure about Bluetooth vs 2.4Ghz performance. I think I'd rather get a mouse and keyboard combo. Any suggestions?
  3. I would personally opt for the Asus P6X58D-E board over any of the P6T boards. The P6X58D-E is basically the next board in the P6T evolution.
  4. Thanks for the tip, it's only three bucks more and has better ports.

    What about the vid card? Is the extra gig & Toxic edition worth the extra $90? or should I be looking at a 5870 for long term?

  5. I don't think the Toxic edition is worth it. I would get the 5870 if you can afford it. If you need to stretch the dollar, 5850 is great, and can be OCed to 5870 levels.
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    You can also save $22 if you purchase a Windows license from here.

    You would also have to download a Win7 iso for free from here.
  7. I use for my HTPC keyboard, good range and the trackball key layout is perfect imo
  8. interesting, my concern is that I have A LOT of Wifi stuff and cell phones in the house.

    I would spring for a Bluetooth model, but I'm still not sure if Bluetooth is less prone to interference from Wifi and cell phones.

    Adesso BT Keyboard $95

    Will go with this Verbatim BT Mouse instead of the Logitec $38

    I wonder if the receiver for the Adesso will also work for the mouse too????
  9. i don't know what you guys think...but i would get an intel SSD instead of WD SSD, as i only really trust Intel SSD x25m and maybe OCZ vertex.

    but i would remove the 2T and use that money to change your SSD and when you do need that extra storage then i would go get another 1TB
  10. I concur on Intel. Intel literally leads the industry in SSDs especially with native TRIM support.
  11. I have an OCZ Vertex in my workstation. I recently had to format it to upgrade it to trim support >.<b I've never had a problem with it other than the first one dieing after a month. Got the RMA done PDQ and no problems after almost a year.

    I haven't seen any negative reviews of the WD and you can't argue with the price and it's specs are on par with the Vertex, I'll look into it more I guess. As for the 2TB I'll probably hold on that for a little while.
  12. Also as far as the 2.4 GHz keyboard. It most certainly can get interference from cordless phones, as well as cause interference with Wifi at the same frequency. I belive Wifi can be adjust into the 5.0+ GHz range
  13. >.<b I dunno what the problem is with Newegg, I checked the price on the 930 the other day and it was $280, it has jumped twice in the last two days, it's now $295. Think I'll just go with the 920.

    ...and it has a good deal with a better case/psu!
  14. take a look at the intel x25m ssd...i looked at many reviews and seems to be all good but price is higher

    both me and a friend been using it for a little while and no problem.
  15. yeah, it's a hundred bucks more, a little more memory but not a huge bump in speed. I'm just going to use it as a boot drive anyway. For $20 more I can get the next WD up with 3x the memory and similar speeds.
  16. If all you're using it for is a boot drive, you dont need more than 40-64GB which yours is, heh nevermind :)
  17. I want to quickly double check something. I have an xbox 360 with an ethernet wireless adapter. I'd like the use the same adapter for the HTPC instead of buying another or a USB one. Would it be better to buy a switch, or go with the separate adapter? What about PCI adapters vs USB ones?


    Other than that I think this will be my final spec, will buy at the end of the day so let me know if you see a problem or have info on the wifi adapter question.

    Combo i920+OCZ Reaper 6Gb $470

    Combo ASUS P6X58D-E/5870 $625 -$20MIR

    Cooler Master 690 II Adv $100

    WD 64Gb SSD $129

    WD Cav BLK 1Tb $90

    Combo Corsair 750TX+WD Cav Blk 640Gb $155 -$20MIR

    LG Bluray $95

    Win7 $80

    Adesso BT Keyboard $95

    Verbatim BT Mouse $40

    Total+Ship $1855
  18. Well, newegg screwed around with the prices again, so I reformulated. Got the 930 instead of the 920, got an OCZ 60Gb instead of the WD 64Gb SSD, Got an ASUS BDR instead of the LG, and I dropped the BT keyboard/Mouse in favor of a Microsoft 7000 set.

    Wish me luck and thanks to all who helped!
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