USB 2.0 ports not configured?

I have a webcam and a wireless mouse, and both of them are HI SPEED USB devices, to be connected into 2.0 ports.

I recently reformatted my computer, reinstalling Windows XP Pro SP3, and now the 2 USB 2.0 ports I have are reading as if they are regular USB ports. Whenever I plug a 2.0 port device into them, the computer tells me they can go faster if I plug them into a 2.0 port.

I know for a fact they ARE USB 2.0 ports. next to the ports it says "Hi Speed USB" and my device manager has a "Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller" under Universal Serial Bus controllers.
The thing is, when I open up the properties for the enhanced USB Host controller, it always says all the ports are empty. When I have something plugged into one of the Hi Speed ports, its placed in the "Standard OpenHDC USB Host Controller" instead.

Do I need to update a driver or something?
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  1. update your drivers
  2. Could be a BIOS setting also. Go into it and make sure USB is set to V1.1+V2.0.
  3. when I tried to update the USB hubs through my device manager, it said all the drivers were already up to date. Is there another way of updating my drivers? when i googled for this problem, I found that some were suggesting that after a full reformat and reinstall of windows, USB 2.0 ports would only work after installing the drivers from the manufacturer's website. How can I tell what manufacturer made my USB 2.0 hub?

    I've gone into the BIOS, and it says the USB 2.0 controller is set to hi speed (not full speed)
  4. Install the chipset driver for your motherboard.

    it will be on the disk that came with it, or available from the manufacturer website.
  5. *** well I don't have the CD and my motherboard is pretty old.
    ASUS A8N-VM CSM Rev 1

    where would I download the chipset driver for that?

    I'm on and they have these:


    A8N-VM CSM Beta BIOS 1007
    Latest beta BIOS.

    A8N-VM CSM Beta BIOS 1002
    Latest beta BIOS.

    A8N-VM CSM Release BIOS 1001
    Patch S3 resume issue for Windows XP (64-bit Edition).
    Improve TV-Out signal compatibility.

    A8N-VM CSM Release BIOS 0702
    Update nVidia RAID ROM
    Fix after resume from S1 would got black screen.
    If PCIEX1 LAN Card installed on PCIEX16 slot,the system can not power on.
    Single/Dual Channel DRAM mode and Unbuffered/ECC DIMM(s) information should be post under DRAM clocking.
    Patch Matrox PHE128APV PCIE CARD

    A8N-VM CSM Release BIOS 0506
    Fixed can not use HD security after resume from S3 mode.
    Improve Cool'N'Quiet function.
    Patch some ATI card cannot display
    Please do not update this BIOS via EZFlash. Must update it via AFUDOS or ASUSLive Update.

    A8N-VM CSM Release BIOS 0303
    First release.


    ASUS Update V6.10.01 Install Program for Windows 2000/XP & for 64bit Windows XP.

    Afudos BIOS update tool V2.21


    ACPI driver for ATK 0110 virtual device for Windows 2000/XP(32bit and 64bit)/2003(32bit & 64bit)/VISTA(32bit & 64bit)


    SoundMax AD1986A Audio WHQL Driver V5.10.01.4151
    SoundMax AD1986A Audio WHQL Driver V5.10.01.4151 for Windows 2000/XP.


    NVIDIA GeForce 61X0 GPU WHQL Driver V8.1.8.5
    NVIDIA GeForce 61X0 GPU WHQL Driver V8.1.8.5 for Windows 2000/XP


    Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003 HD Audio Patch KB888111

    ASUS Cool''n''Quiet Utility V2.17.06 for Windows XP/XP 64bit/Vista 32bit/Vista 64bit

    Microsoft KB817900 USB fail to enter S3 patch file for Windows XP

    ACPI driver for ATK 0110 virtual device version 1043.2.15.37 for Windows 2000 / XP (32bit and 64bit) / 2003 (32bit & 64bit) / VISTA (32bit & 64bit)

    NVIDIA nForce 430/410 Chipset SATA/RAID Driver Disk
    NVIDIA nForce 430/410 Chipset SATA/RAID Driver Disk for Windows 2000/XP

    ACPI driver for ATK 0110 virtual device

    ASUS PC Probe II V1.00.43 Install Program for Windows 2000/XP/2003 & for Windows 64bit XP/2003

    ASUS Ai Booster Utility V2.00.70 for Windows 2000/XP/2003 & 64bit Windows XP/2003.


    NVIDIA nForce 430 Chipset Package WHQL Driver V8.23
    NVIDIA nForce 430 Chipset Package WHQL Driver V8.23 for Windows 2000/XP

    ASUS Cool&Quiet Driver V1.2.2.0
    ASUS Cool&Quiet Driver V1.2.2.0 for Windows XP & Windows XP 64-bit Edition.

    the 2 highlighted ones are the ones I already tried.

    I'm not sure that the USB 2.0 ports are even part of the motherboard though. The USB Hi Speed hub in the back is by itself at the bottom of the computer, just 2 side by side ports with "Hi Speed USB" written next to them.

    I'm not entirely sure, but after looking up my motherboard, it seems that ALL the USB ports in the back should be 2.0 ports. I tried all 6 though, and every time it still gives me the error.
  6. plug them in to your enhanced port (at the back) and when you right click properties on my computer go to the u.s.b ports and then look at bottom for the enhance ports then right click again update the driver with the device plugged in it should auto pick them up? dont forget to restart your system for them too work perfectly? (win xp) has always had this problem its not your device nor your board HOPE THIS HELPED??
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