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I have been running into quite an annoying issue recently with one of my SSDs. When I am playing Space Marine everything is going fine until the game crashes. Now normally this would be a matter of restarting the program and getting over it. However, every time my game crashes, my Steam dedicated SSD stops being recognized by Windows in the My Computer screen entirely and I have to restart my PC to bring it back. This has never happened before and only seems to come from Space Marine, but I'm unsure if that is the issue or something greater. Is there any way to keep this from occurring in the future?
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  1. What kind of crash errors are you getting, blue screens? Memory dumps?

    Just wondering what is causing the crashing. Could be the game just doesn't like being on the SSD. Try moving your install to another drive for testing. In any event if it's just that game (which I play as well) and your SSD works fine under any other conditions then I wouldn't mess with it. Try the steam and THQ forums, maybe someone there has had the same problem.
  2. Well that's the thing, my system doesn't crash, only the Steam.exe file. The rest of the system works fine, its just that during play Steam.exe stops responding (along with the game files) and then the SSD just disappears from My Computer and Device Manager. It happened with Puzzle Agent last night so I'm going to reinstall Steam and see if it's a problem with my install perhaps.
  3. Well I re-installed Steam completely and it didn't fix the issue, so I've switched both the SATA III Cable and Port on my Mobo that the SSD uses and see if that fixes it.
  4. Sure sounds like a steam issue and not a drive issue, try the steam forum and support sections to see if there are similar issues.
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