System restore not working, plz help? (problem now solved!)

So for a while now my system restore in win xp han't been working. Whenever I open it up and select "restore my computer to an earlier time", the calender is just blank. yet my settings in computer properties are set for system restore to use 12% of hard disk (max). Whats going on?????

I've no idea what the cause is and it's been happening for a while, so plz don't ask me what ii did before it happened b/c i just can't remember. Has anyone else had this problem? What did you do?

I also uploaded screenshots of my problem, view links here:

BTW, a user called saga lout was very helpful with 2 of my questions and i hope the same kind of help will continue on this site.

Please advise.

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  1. Looks like you may have a virus. Have you scanned for any? If you have and nothing has been found, you most likely have Windows errors causing the problem

    "HDD Regenerator" should be able to fix your problem. Download it and make the USB bootable version. Reset your BIOS to "Boot From USB". Insert the memory stick and boot your system. Just follow the screen prompts and it will do the rest. This program has fixed many Windows failures on my system successfully, it may do the same for you.
  2. You must close all applications and programs running, including browser and explorer, prior to doing a Restore.

    There are no Restore points, you have to add a point in order to Restore to it, XP doesn't automatically create Restore Points by itself, it only allows a certain amount of space in which to store the data.

    Basically, I don't think you have a virus, it might be something else like a driver issue. You need to state what was the original problem that required you to want to do a Restore
  3. System restore almost never works, I think I have seen it actually run properly once and even then it did not fix anything. What are you trying to fix with the restore?
  4. System restore has restored my system many times successfully. The few times it was not able to HDD Regenerator did the job very nicely. As an added bonus after Regenerator fixed my system, Windows loads super fast! From a cold start windows desktop is up and running in less then 20 seconds!
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