SSD on ASUS P9x79

Preparing to set up new build, and need a further understanding of ASUS SSD capabilities on their P9X79 DELUXE .
This MB has 2 MARVEL SATA ports. If I set up an SSD on one of those ports, is it necessary to have HD installed on the other port, to which it will link and cache?
Or, is there an option to select which other HS's (on non-MARVEL ports), it is able to cache, if in fact it can cache more than one HD?
Also, the intention is to use this primarily for Photoshop. If on either setup as above, the SSD is set up for caching, is it then still available as a defined drive to select within Photoshop as a scratch disk?

Or does it become more practical to ignote the ASUS cache facility, and just use the SSD as the defined Photoshop scratch disk?

I an sure the installation prosess would in fact make it clear to me as I proceed, but I prefer to be able to plan in advance.

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  1. Yes both the ssd and the hdd need to be on the 2 marvel sata ports.
    It can only cache 1 hdd and thats the one on the other marvel sata port.
    No the ssd will not be usuable as a regular hdd once you enable caching
    For which setup is best in photoshop, please consult a photoshop forum. AFAIK PS likes it best when you have a seperate system, scratch, and data drives so that you are not reading and writing to the same drive and halving your potential thoroughput; but SSD's may have changed that since they are so fast.
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