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Me the inspiration for these ideas. Also spritemod its a team of modders im guessing. Well i have the lcds seperated from the cpu , i would want to be able to maybe replace the sample pics? Um its an sq812-b ROM and flash is issi chip. I also have an old computer that i took apart , video card sound card everything, i was wondering maybe theres a way I can connect one or several LCDs to the cpu of this dekstop , the shell is gone its just all in parts now, ty for your time. What should I read or learn on doing? Where should I start.
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  1. ummm.

  2. Im guessing you want to connect the LCD from a digital picture frame to an old computer?

    May I know what you want the LCD screen to display?
  3. Well, I would want it to display the computer, like a regular LCD. As of now I took two of the photo frames apart and removed the LCDs from the CPU itself. I had an idea and asked myslef if I would be able to add multiple lcs or just one would be fine. Well i was looking at the cpus where you would regularly connect one side of the cables to the Monitor from the computer and could find anything that looked like where the LCD was connected in the CPU that was in the Photo Frame, i went to look at the Sprite mod wiki but he says it only works for linux? I would want the LCD to display something when i connect it via usb, when i connect it now it displays MSDC or something like that, or maybe replace the sample pics? The CPU has to contain somekind of memory since it has those pics in there without inserting a SD card. I thought it would be as easy as modding an IPOD or an MP3 PLAYER IVE DONE THAT BEFORE WITH A SANSA mp3 player.
  4. if you want to use it as a 'monitor' you'll somehow need to get the signal from your graphics card to the lcd screen,
    best bet imo, try and find some technical pictures of the photoframes lcd (You might be lucky and have a model number on it somewhere) identify the connectors functions I.e which is video signal, live,ground etc
    then wire up a suitable adaptor for your gfx card, hdmi,vga whatever it takes and plug it in
    I reckon the resolution on it will be pants but as a 'can it be done' project, Good luck man, I'd be interested in follwing your progress,
  5. Thats wat i figured, u lost me in some parts but i'll try my hardest to figure this out, I just wanted somewhere to start. Ill keep doing my research, It ight take some time of course. I would like to get it to work via usb. like only USB if its possible, ill look it up on google right now, ty Motopsychojdn. I really do appreciate your ADvice.
  6. I couldn't use those links, Avg says No hehe
    but what I meant was,
    Where the lcd screen originally had a cable connecting it to the circuitboard, those gold connectors are what you need to identify, which ones power,signal etc
    then match those up to a usb connector,
    I'm afraid that kind of tech is out of my league, I would just try to 'logically' assess the connectors from the screen and board
    Best of luck though man, I'm intrigued as to whether you pull this off ok :)
  7. Really? theyre pdf files. I downloaded them and wasnt prompted by my AV software.
  8. I must say that's an interesting thing you have set your hands on. Though, it won't be impossible but it will be a very difficult task to get it implemented and functioning in a proper manner. I think that it would be a very good thing to have the best of things and this will surely be something that would be worth the effort you put in to get it fixed.
  9. Congrats on rezzing a 5 month old thread...
  10. Someone had made it!
    how to make a digital picture frame from a laptop: http://www.digitalframe8.com/how-to-make-a-digital-picture-frame-from-a-laptop-807.html
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