Artifacts with XFX Radeon HD 5850?

I have a XFX Radeon HD 5850 GPU and I've noticed that when I play crysis warhead I get these static white dots that will appear on some wall surfaces and on the edges of trees. I am fairly sure these dots constitute artifacts. The weird thing is that this is the only game where these appear. The original crysis runs fine along with all of my other games. I briefly overclocked my card once (just changing the core clock and the memory clock) but I have since returned the settings to their default. This didn't seem to fix the problem. My question is, is there something permanently wrong with my card or is it more likely that there is just something that is causing my card to be unhappy with crysis warhead in particular? Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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  1. that should be the game's problem

    one of shader files would have been curropt
  2. Awesome, that is a relief to hear.
  3. no probs with your Gpu
    use stress test form fumark to reveal your gpu status
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