Intel Core i5 vs AMD Phenom II x6?

i am having some trouble chosing between 2 computers, 1 has an Intel Core i5 750 and a Radeon HD 5770. The other computer has an AMD Phenom II 1035T Hexa Core with a Radeon HD 5570. They are both around the same price. I wonder which one would be better for gaming.
Thank You!
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  1. Hello Kklee1517;
    For gaming - the i5 750 and HD 5770. Any CPU with the HD 5770 for that matter is likely to be a better at all around gaming than any system with the HD 5570.
  2. For gaming in this price bracket get an athlon for half the price and spend twice as much on the graphics card. choice of only the 2 i5.
  3. You can see here how the HD 5570 stacks up against the HD 5770.

  4. kklee1517 said:
    They are both around the same price.

  5. L0tus said:

  6. for graphics HD 5770 is better..
    For the processor i5 750 beats Phenom II 1035T in single core apps but falls behind by a tiny bit in multithreaded apps or games
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