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Hi there

I have a friend that needs help building a PC but he's on the fence regarding what he needs to buy.

He wants a computer that can play some games maybe like Portal, Left 4 Dead, World of warcraft and similar games but for the most part he just wants to be able to multi-task and browse the web with speed, HD movies and things of that nature.

Budget is $650 and he'd like to buy it soon.

Oh and he already has a copy of windows 7, a DVD drive and an HDD, he also doesn't need a keyboard/mouse or screen.
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    What is the resolution of his monitor??
    Here is a sample build for gaming...
    X3 440 + MSI 870A

    GSKillz 4GB DDR3

    CASE -

    PSU + graphics card - HD 5770/ HD 5830
    Or HD 5850 depending on the type of games he likes to play and at what settings and his screen resolution...
  2. What model LCD he on and/or at what resolution games are being played?
  3. Sorry, 1440 x 900
  4. Well a HD 4770, 4850 and GTS 250 would be more than fine but if u can squeeze in a HD 5770 why not ^^
  5. ^ then stick with the HD 5770...It would suffice...he will be able to play even Crysis Warhead @high-very high settings...My friend plays that game @ 1080p - max settings with occasional lag with that card...So for this resolution this card would suffice...
  6. Okay 5770, those two combo deals don't seem work now.
  7. Thanks guys!
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  9. gkay, Would you mind telling me the differences between 5770 and gtx 275, and which one is better?
  10. ^ In terms of raw power, the GTX 275 is the clear winner...
    But the main advantage of the HD 5770 is that it is DirectX 11 and power consumption is comparatively low...
    So decide yourself that whether you would want a DirectX 11 card or a powerful card...
  11. Ok, thank you. Think I'll go with gtx 275 hehe.
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