Missing some hard drive space!!

Hey guys,

I run windows 7 from a SSD. I have a 2tb normal drive for all my games, movies and music etc. Windows see's its total capacity as 1.81tb.

So when I explore it, if I highlight every directory on it and view properties, I get a total of 343gb. Yet windows see's the free space on the drive as 0.98tb!

So, 1.81tb minus 343gb = 1.47tb... so where has almost half a tb of space vanished to?

This must be something to do with indexing? Do I need to run checkdisk or something? I've got my system set to show all hidden files etc if that makes and difference?

Any ideas or help greatly appreciated.. I'm sure there's something obvious I'm missing here...
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  1. check in windows system drive management. look to see what drive has the windows system partion on. it a hidden restore partion of a set size when you install windows. then there the windows swap file. there can also be a hibernation file. and some of the system restore points. (clear out the restore points if you want to but if you have a crash you wont have a way to go back with windows.). also 2tb drive with formating your going to lose some space to the format. most vendor should put the format size on the drive.
  2. yeah, i think its 1.81 after the format
  3. Set the options to show hidden and system files. You'll see alot more then.
  4. I have it set to show hidden files, how do i show system files?

    Are there any programs to that show how the drive is being used or anything? I'm down almost half a tb here... must be something wrong!
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