How can I discreetly and easily disable a Linksys WRT54GS router?

How can I discreetly and easily disable a Linksys WRT54GS router? I have a child control issue and I don't want to have to buy or deal with additional software. Thanks
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  1. You can log in to the router and apply Access List (filters users by the MAC ID of the user's wireless adapter). Include your own wireless adapter but not the kid's. Simple enough to disable it later to re-admit user.

    See router manual.
  2. I am wired and the kids are not. :)
  3. I assume you mean the kids are wireless. Then your connection will not be affected if you do as I suggest, but they will.

    You also have the option to disable wireless -- but that is more obvious than using Access List.
  4. I want to disable all internet access - wired and wireless.
  5. Go into LAN section of the router and disconnect from ISP. Or turn off the router.
  6. Log in to your router and "disconnect" from the internet.
  7. Unfortunately, I don't have that option on this router. Thank you for the reply.
  8. How about scheduling an internet connection? Most wifi routers have this option. You can schedule what time there will be internet connection. So you can limit internet within day time and then turn it off come...say 10 in the evening then turn it on again by 8am automatically.
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