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Hello, i am thinking of upgrading my system to i3 core.new giggabyt mb 3 sticks ram 2 harddrives 8600 gt grathics card.my Q IS I Currently have a 350 gigabyte power supply must i upgrade. i foun i vantec ion 2 460 with sleeved cables but its old.it was re4leades in 2005.will it be sufficient?
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  1. I think you might need a new power supply, because in 2005, they used different standards of power supply IIRC, and the Vantec Ion 2 460 won't provide enough power on the 12V rails. If you're switching to a new system with Core i3 and a GeForce 8600 GT, then a Corsair CX400W PSU should be enough.
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