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I just purchased a dell vostro that had windows 7 home premium installed. For the application involved we needed the beefed up web server and to be able to use remote desktop/terminal services for hosting. For maximum compatibility with the software, I want to use windows 2003 server 32 bit. Part of the project will drive a large LCD display using hdmi. In order to support the LCD's native resolution, I want to update the nvidia g310 driver card inside the PC.

the problem is there is a 64-bit driver available for this card but no 32-bit driver. I'm sure there has to be some hack available to remedy this situation but I dont know how to do it. I've tried the XP/2000 driver, the xp-64bit, the vista 32 bit and windows 7 32 bit. I had this problem before with another video card, but it was several years ago and after hours of internet searching I was able to find a solution. However, I wasnt smart enough to keep notes, and this is a different video card anyway.

Any advice besides reinstalling 2003 server 64-bit?
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  1. OK, I found a workaround that seems to work. It's crude and I wouldnt recommend it but it seems to be working for me and it will get a driver loaded that uses the accelerated hardware capabilities on the graphics card.

    Download the XP 32-bit XP drivers from the nvidia website for the GeForce G310.

    Run the .exe. The files will extract and the setup program will install and it will fail because the hardware will not be detected. The setup program will end. This is fine.

    Next, go to system -> device manager -> display adapter. Under "Standard VGA display adapter", right click and select "update driver".

    Select "Install from a list or specific location", then select "Dont Search. I will choose the driver to install". On the next screen click "Have disk". Browse to the folder where the Nvidia driver files were extracted. I believe it's c:\nvidia\drivers\xp\english or something close..

    Browse through the folder until the nv4_disp.inf file is found.

    This will bring up a display of all the graphics cards included. Select "Geforce G210". This is the closest card available and is very similar to the G310. Tell it to install and ignore any warning messages.

    At the end of the installation, it will error out with a message something like: "The installer was unable to load the Nvidia control panel. The latest known working driver will be restored".

    At this point, do not press OK to clear the message.. Just hold down the power button on your server until the PC turns off. Then restart. If you clear the message, the driver you just loaded will uninstall and you'll be back to square one.

    Under the device manager, it will now show the G210 driver installed and when you click the properties you will see it will show the "g310" video card. I can now see the other monitor resolutions available that I was unable to see using the standard video driver.

    Again, this is not an ideal solution but it works. I hope this may help someone else who runs into a similar problem in the future. If anyone has comments please add. Thanks
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