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Question about ram for my motherboard

i need some help with upgrading my ram on my ga-945p-s3 (rev 2.0)

according to this page i can only get up to 4 gigs of ram. can my motherboard support 2 gigabyte sticks or do i need to get 4 1 gigabyte sticks to make full use of the boards limits? here are the two different rams i am thinking of getting. currently i have 2 1 gig 333mhz sticks in my computer....
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  1. Your board only supports 1 gig modules. If you want 4 gig, you will need 4 x 1Gb total.
  2. thanks for your reply, i am going to get two of the 1 gig sticks from my link up there then, will it affect my performance negatively if i keep my existing 333mhz ram in my computer and add the two new sticks to the other two empty ram slots?
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    Normally you want ram of all the same make/model or at least ram that has the same specs. The DDR2-800 should throttle back to 300 to match your other sticks, however you will most likely need to go into the bios and adjust the ram timimings manually.
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  5. thank you for all of your help! i picked up some some of these sticks here

    they were cheaper, and even tho they have a slightly slower timing, if they are going to sync up with my existing ram i doubt i will notice a performance difference between the two rams i was looking at on newegg anyways.

    i will probably buy another pair of a-datas if i need the extra ram speed, but with any luck this extra ram should be enough to stop my games (like rift: planes of telara) from paging so much
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