I5 or i7?

I have all but come to a conclusion on my new gaming system build.

With the recent deals on newegg for memorial day, I have reached a dilemma on which to get.

My current build is priced out with the following:

i5-750 $194.99

Asus P7P55D-E Pro $189.99

G.Skill Ripjaws 2x2GB $119.99

Total:$488(with -15$ for cpu/mobo combo deal)

There is an offer on Newegg for memorial day deal for an x58 Mobo and G.skill 6Gb of Ram for 299.99 Here is the links to both

G.Skill RAM 3x2GB DDR3 1600 $169.99


i7-930 $288.99

Total:$587(with 79.99 discount for RAM and Mobo combo deal)

Rest of build is as follows:

HIS HD5870 - 389.99
ASUS 23.6" Monitor - 199.99
Samsung Spinpoint F3 500GB HDD - 54.99
Cheap dvd burner - 22.99
HAF 922 w/ CM GX Series 750W PSU 80+ - 169.97
CM Hyper 212+ HSF -34.99
WIndows 7 Home - 99.99

Total:$ 983

Would it be worth the extra 100$ to upgrade to the i7 side of things, or just leave it with the i5?
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  1. a corsiar psu would be more relilable
  2. ^ Well he is right...the GX doesnt seem to be a good option...

    and as for whether to go with i5 or i7, Iwould stick with i5 and with that $100 saved, I would rather get a SSD for OS and apps and be done...Faster boot and access time...
    Assuming that you are building purely a gaming PC...
    But again if you will be getting another HD 5870 later on, then the X58 might be a good option...
  3. Well I am planning on getting another 5870 later down the road, and I will be using this rig for gaming and a little bit of everything else ranging from CAD to normal net browsing. What PSU would you recommend getting if not the CM GX Series one?
  4. Hey, I was reading this article:

    http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/c [...] 010_6.html

    And found out that i5-750 performance goes down with better GPU, then you need an i7 to take the best of your GPU, am I right?

    So, what`s the point in getting an Intel i5-750 if you are going to get a better GPU someday?
  5. ^ That is the reason why I had asked about adding another HD 5870...
    If Yes, then for such a powerful graphics setup, the i7 is better suited...
    And also for the other tasks like CAD will better run on the i7 - though the i5 is no slouch, but the i7 is better...

    And as for the PSU - Corsair 750TX...
  6. I`m gonna buy a new system by the end of july and I have the same doubts of many, let`s say "noob" :D people here, which one should I get i5 or i7.

    After many time reading and rereading many articles and threads here and in other sites, I found out that, if there`s an i7 build for almost the same price of the i5-750 build you should get the i7-930 because of the x58 mb, :D, I`m so happy Ifinally noticed the differences between this two CPUs :P.

    I think that`s it. And I would go with corsair 750tx, like gkay said, corsair is one of the best PSU producer.

    EDIT 1: Does gigabyte x58 ud3r mb support a gtx 275 SLI?
  7. What do y'all think about this build? Is it a pretty solid build for the money?

    CD/DVD DRIVE: $19.99

    CASE: CM HAF922 $89.99

    HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 500GB $54.99

    Monitor: Asus 23.6" 1920x1080 $199.99

    GPU: XFX 5870 $399.99

    PSU: Corsair 750TX $109.99

    CPU: i7 930 $288.99

    OS: Windows 7 Home $99.99

    HSF: CM Hyper 212+ $44.99

    Mobo w/ RAM: Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R and G.Skill 6GB (3x2GB) 1600 $299.99

    Shipping: $19.97

    Total: $1628.86

    Is it me or does Newegg keep raising the damned price on the CM Hyper 212?

    Anyways, how does this build look for the money? Any changes y'all would make? A little over my $1500 budget, but I guess the extra 100$ or so for the i7 is worth it over the i5 build. Good thing I posted by previous build with the PSU, as I would have been buying a crappy PSU, thanks on that one.
  8. You can find low prices for that Hyper 212+ at fry`s.

    Like gkay said, i7 will only give you advantages, if you are gonna get a good GPU or going to make a SLI/Crossfire. For me it`s ok paying extra $100 and I think it won`t kill you as well. This build will give you more options in future, because of the x58 mb.

    In my opinion it`s fine, but I`ll let some expert make a better evaluaiton of the rest of your choices hehe. Good luck.
  9. How much are they going for at Frys? I am currently deployed to Iraq and schedule to return soon. I am buying all the parts I need and having them sent to my buddies house where his wife is at until we come home. I don't have access to a Frys up in New York, but I have one near my house in Texas.
  10. Quote:
    Would it be worth the extra 100$ to upgrade to the i7 side of things, or just leave it with the i5?

    I was debating the exact same thing. And my diggin shows what everyone is saying here is correct. +1

    The i5 wont bottle neck performance significantly untill theres a big GPU difference. Where as you may lose 2-3 FPS in 'most' games with the i5 & a 5870. Its not worth the money to go i7 for that. When you crossifre or step up to a 5970, the differences get wider. It all centeres around the MB designs. Most i5 boards comprimise PCIex16 lanes for things like Sata3USB3 resulting in x8 x8 speeds or less in 2xGPU setups.

    For the $100 difference, you get a few small upgrades that load up to become a noticable change! So it seems anyway :x
  11. That`s why I`m gonna get the i7-930, you save 100$ - 200$ now, but if you want to make an upgrade down the road and change your GPU, the i7 x58 mb would make the difference.

    Think that`s it.
  12. So the build I posted above looks pretty good then?
  13. Before buying those items, you should check the GPU. I can`t say anything about it because I`m not an ATI GPU expert hehe. So just check it and purchase the PC.

    I hope I have helped you today.
  14. Somthing to mention,


    There are quite abit of negative reviews on that MB. It could just be user error or bad luck with DOA.. but its unsettling to see so many mixed reviews.
  15. Ya, there are many bad reviews of this mb in newegg`s. However, people from tom`s hardware highly recommend this mb, I would go with it, in fact, I`ll go with it.
  16. If the majority of Tom's suggest it, its probably hyped up problems that arnt that bad.

    Comparativly though, I figured a build with an Asus board slightly more..$100 difference. It has 16x16 or 16x8x8 and would make the most of multi-GPU builds.
    "True SATA 6Gb/s RAID Support - Experience the Future of Storage!"

    Asus P6X58D-E
    -$10 instant -$20 promo code on the page.

    $100 is $100 though, Not saying its 'better'.
  17. hehe, this is the message:

    "The GA-X58A-UD3R is an excellent motherboard. You can place next to no weight behind Newegg reviews. I read through some of the "reviews" on Newegg and most of the people rating it down just obviously didn't know what they were doing. I still highly recommend the GA-X58A-UD3R." by shortstuff_mt
  18. Thats quite possibly the case. lol
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