Do audio reactive lights HAVE to be UV?

Hey All,

I'm new here and new to PC modding. I have been reading the book "PC Modding for Dummies" and it has been very helpful despite that it was published in 2005. Although the book has gave me a load of knowledge about PC modding, I still have questions to ask.

I have been looking for lighting kits on the AUSPC Market ( I want a red or blue LED lighting kit that is sound reactive. So far I have only found lighting kits that are UV lighting kits with sound reactivity and not LED lighting kits. Why is this?

Thanks for the help in advance.

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  1. is where you will find all your modding needs. UV cold cathodes are only the purple ones. those are cool when you have uv paint inside your computer.

    iam sorry, but i missed the fact that you were from Australia. try ebay. just search pc cold cathodes. if you dont want to buy off ebay you should be able to find other sites in the au that carry cold cathodes for pc's. you really can use any type of 12v cold cathode as long as they fit inside your case. You will also have to remove the red and one black wire from a 4 pin molex cable and just twist the respective wires from the cold cathodes together. make sure to use electrical tape and solder if you want extra assurance. But, only do this if its your last resort and you cant find ANY pc cold cathodes.
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