slow down performance after hdd maxtor firmware...

i had a maxtor hdd 500 gb wich is after a windows update didnt detect by mobo , after tath i bought a new hdd , then i have slow down performance in sata drives (hdd,dvdrom)and mouse pointer lags, sound lags too, specially when i copying files from dvdrom disk drives. what happend to my mobo, how fix it ?

CPU: intel Q9550
Mobo: P5Q3
Ram: 4x2gb 1600 corsair
VGA: 8800 GTS 640 mb
Sound: Creative Sound Blaster Audigy
PSU: Coolermaster 600 watt
Hdd: WD Caviar Black 500 gb
OS : win 7 x64 ultimate with all updated drivers
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  1. Welcome to Toms Forum! :)

    The speed Read/Write of the HDD doesn't cause the lags as you're describing. It seems more like a conflict(s)/driver(s)/component(s).

    Simple first, open the Device Manager and see if there are any {! or ?} drivers listed. If there are then you need to update/reinstall them.

    Next, run MSCONFIG -> select Diagnostic and reboot.

    Post back your findings.
  2. thanks for your reply, but its not working, all drivers are installed and nothing happend in diagnostic mode except some features not loading.. :-?. i think this is a hardware failure cuz im reinstalled windows many times with different drivers after that problem.
  3. If this was a new build my first guess would be a small short or grounding short, possibly a bad keyboard or mouse.

    However, if this is more less out of the blue on an older OC then my first guess is failing PSU. As the PSU gets older it loses capacity and/or a rail can fail delivering insufficient power and can do as you described.

    {Lazy-Man's breadboard} unscrew all of the MOBO and PCI screws, pull the MOBO away from anything conductive including the I/O, use 1 stick of RAM, use a different keyboard/mouse, and support the MOBO on a towel. Start the PC. If the problem goes away, rule-out the 1. keyboard/mouse, 2. RAM add reaming sticks, 3. leaving a short.

    Either try another PSU from a different PC or purchase one from a company with a good return policy.
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