Strange HDD Error. Need help ASAP!

I recently encountered this hard drive error after the first day of use of my new computer. I checked device manager and it says nothing is wrong with it. I ran error checking with the disk and the results are fine, with no bad sectors. I also called up Costco Concierge (where I bought my computer) and they said it could be a goofy error by Windows or the HDD is bad. What do you guys think is wrong with it? I put an image for it.
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  1. This could have been caused by a report of trouble from the HDD's internal monitoring system known as SMART. That system monitors the HDD and puts up error codes for examination. Your computer's BIOS normally checks for these things and reports any such warnings. The idea is that the system should warn you about problems before they get so bad that your system fails. Thus Windows likely will NOT see a problem, because the HDD is still working. The SMART system is warning you, however, that some minor failures have happened and this may mean a significant failure is in the near future.

    You should not ignore SMART warnings! They give you time to replace the faulty HDD with minimal hassle before you lose everything. A computer service person certainly can test for this type of problem - you could do it yourself if you feel competent and know what tools to use and how. Since this is a new machine, I would insist that the supplier investigate thoroughly and replace the unit - maybe the whole computer - right now. Don't wait until it crashes one month after the warranty expires!
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