8800 gt vs hd 4870

I have a 2.5mhz guad core and 6gb ram i have a 8800 gt installed and can get my hands on a radion hd 4870 with a aftermarket cooler for $100. Is this worth it?
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  1. I would say no, it would not be enough of an upgrade to justify it.

    Plus, your Cpu is only at 2.5 Mhz ^^
  2. lol 2.5mhz... i think a 4870 with a decent cooler would be good? You should be able to overclock it well too
  3. the 4870 for $100, and you can sell the 880GT to recoup costs?? I would get it as long as your PSU can support it. Its still a great gaming card.
  4. well i bought it only to find out i need 2 connections from the power supply to the vidio card i think?
  5. you can use a 2x 4pin to 6-pin adapter for one of the connections.
  6. is a 2x 4pin to 6-pin adapter the some as a dual molex to 6 pin adapter
  7. sweet thanks
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