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I was looking to changing the graphics card in my HTPC from a X1650 to a HD 5450 since now I got a 4 year old 5.1 sound system from my dad. I know that the HD 5450 supports bitstreaming over HDMI but I know that my sound system does not support that and I don't have a BluRay reader so it isn't needed. Now my question was if I had the HDMI go from the 5450 to my Sony Bravia TV and then connect the Optical audio out from the TV to the Panasonic 5.1 receiver would I be able to get 5.1 sound(not hi-def albeit)?

By the way, the receiver supports DTS 5.1, Dolby Digital Pro Logic II 5.1.

Thanks in advance.

PS: I also looked into the idea of just adding a sound card that supports Optical out but if the 5450 supports what I asked than it would make more sense to get it since I could have better quality over HDMI than VGA.
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  1. so this will be your set up?

    5450 sends audio/video by HDMI to your TV

    TV sends audio out to the receiver?

    Yes it will work, don't forget to turn the TV speakers to "off" or "0 sound setting"
  2. It will depend on your TV model. Some pass through the 5.1 just fine. Some (like my older Samsung), will not and instead downsample to 2-channel stereo.
  3. This is why I am glad having landed a XFX 780i for peanuts ($38.77 us) since it has optical audio out. The AP (above poster) has good advice as to get this working so I'll loiter for now till I have better input.
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