AM3 mobo whit ddr 12800mem

sorry if this is a old question.
im thinking of upgrading my mobo from am2+ to am3
all the mobos are only suporting PC3-10600
But can you put in a PC3-12800 and do some FSB clocking and ram timing to set it to its original 1600mhz

ASUS M4N98TD EVO, Socket-AM3 SLI rdy

Corsair Vengeance™ DDR3 1600MHz 8GB CL9

thx for your time
Tobias. B
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  1. Yep, you can use 1600 MHz RAM, it depends upon your CPU. The 4/6-core AMD CPUs will support the DDR3-1600 MHz. Use the AI OC Tuner -> DOCP and DRAM OC Profile to set the 1600 MHz. See 3-11~3-12 in the manual.
  2. how hig can you go ? cus im getting new mem and mobo so i culd go for a
    Corsair Dominator GT DDR3 2133MHz 4GB or at whot point for am3 do the extra speed not matter eny more?
  3. Corsair XMS3 DDR3 2000MHz 8GB CL9
    Kit w/2x 4GB XMS3 modules, CL9-10-9-27, for Core i3/i5/i7, 1.65V

    wuld this work or are there eny special specks you need to go on ?
  4. Only the 6-core can run 2000 MHz or higher frequency RAM, and 4-core 1333 or 1600 is best with low CAS.

    If you have a Phenom II CPU ->

    The difference between 1600 vs 2000 MHz RAM is not that much 1~2% assuming low CAS RAM, 1333 CAS 8 can perform same or better than many 1600 CAS 9. Also toy want tight CAS timings e.g. 1333 8-8-8, 1600 8-8-8/9-9-9, 1866 9-9-9, 2000 9-9-9.
  5. thx so much m8 for the help well the cost for 2000mhz is only 20% to the 1600mhz so cost wise it dosent mather.

    im running a AMD Quad 965 at 3,9ghz atm so im gonna upgrade my ram and my mobo, some problems has fallen ower my old asus, but it is 2 years old so its nice enought. yeah im gonna get some nice 1600mhz

    Kingston DDR3 HyperX 1600MHz 8GB
    Kit whit 4X HyperX 2GB DDR3, CL8-8-8-24, 240pin, 1.65v<-- 4 ddr3 ram at 2gig each


    Corsair Dominator DHX DDR3 1600MHz 8GB
    Kit w/2x 4GB XMS3 DHX, CL9-9-9-24, for Core i3/i5/i7, w/Connector, 1.65v <dual ram

    lower cl is faster right ?
    iwe done a lot of clocking but the cl in mem iwe been trying to awoid
  6. If the Kingston HyperX is 4X2GB & the Corsair Dominator is 2X4GB then the Dominator; assuming CMP8GX3M2A1600C9

    Corsair Tested ->
  7. then its a pair of Dominators im getting thx for your help ;b
    ram is sadly not my strong sute, i guess next year ill up my 295 nvidia to a dx11. newer ending quest for ultra setings :)

    thx for all your time and effort

    Tobias Bergstrand.
  8. Good Luck! :)

    The Dominator has very good IC's plus cooling, and if your CPU will allow it, can be easily OC to 1800+ MHz.
  9. yeah i got the V10 so the cpy cooler cools the ram so can be fun
  10. Duh, the Cooler Master V10 won't clear the Dominator or Kingston HyperX T1; on the Dominator you can unscrew {3 screws} the top cooling fins. Otherwise get the Corsair XMS3 CMX8GX3M2A1600C9
  11. hehe tought as much well no pr ill take of the cooler on the ram the fan shuld be enought
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