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I put a friend a s a user on another account and now i can,t log into mine,,It shows a blank screen with a 1 inch tab across the top from left to right that says connecting in little lines about 8 of them ,,can some one tell me hoe to start over?Maybe just put it back like it was?I called my cable co. and changed some things on the control panel and taht has a issue to the prob i,m sure ,any help will be appreciated..Thanx in advanced.DW
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  1. I think U did more then just make a new user account...sounds like a corrupted profile...
    Can U get to your user's safemode? Does it do the same? (press F8 a few times at startup, select safemode, and your user)
    Maybe U can try a system restore. (start>run>msconig and launch system restore)

    I'm not sure of where the "connecting" thing comes from (can U post a screen? take a picture?)
    maybe it's from a service? not sure...
    Can U open task manager (alt ctrl del) and try to open explorer.exe? (with new task) to see if it loads your desktop.
    Can U access your files from the other user? I mean, go to C:\Documents and settings\Your_USER_NAME\Desktop

    if a system restore doesn't work , U can try making another user and copy your desktop, and your My documents folder from the old one to the new one.

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