Is This CPU Bad ?


CPU : Intel Core 2 Quad Processor
. Q8400 2.66 Ghz 1333Mhz
. 4Mb LGA 775

I was building my latest computer and retiring my old P4 to become my server.
I messed up and shorted out my motherboard on the new system, it was a new Asus Board. At the time both my processor and memory were on the board. Afterwards all my lights lit, my drives powered up and the onboard light was lit - so it took me awhile to realize the board was fried. I just did not get audio or video - no boot.
I replaced the board with another Asus and now it booted but shut right down after boot. I thought the memory was bad, but I was able to go into setup and sit in there forever -my memory showed correctly.

It turned out different board did not support that memory so I got correct memory and now this is where I am ...
I go all the way to booting up off of my windowsXP disk, I go into setup and no problem. I read all my processor details during boot and in setup...
Windows begins to install ... Phase I is when it copies all the files to HDD.. then reboots....
Now it shows a familiar Windows screen and tells me -
Setting up windows components ..will take approx 35 minutes..
I can see five phases to this process...
I can slip from one phase to the next right up to the point it enters phase four ... a few moments into phase four and it shuts down.
No beep, no nothing just a plain shut down...

Now I am thinking it is not a bad processor because the memory turned out to " Not be bad - just wrong "
I do not believe Windows would go right to the end like this if the processor were bad. I do not believe the post test would let a bad processor slip past. I also do not believe processor details would show if it were bad, or there would be some warning long before this point.
I believe it is overheating and just shutting down....

Does this behavior sound like when the board fried ( and it really was fried) that the processor was damaged - and it runs to the point Windows detects it once put under test?
Or ..
Does it sound like a processor that once put under full load is overheating and shuts right down immediately to prevent damage?

I am looking for opinions on this..

oh, and i am only using the heatsink & fan that came with ...that cheap one ...I have another ordered because I will use that either way -if I need a new processor or not.
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  1. yes it sounds like to me that if you put your processor under a load its just getting to hot because if the processor was bad in the first place i dont think it would have made it to phase two or even boot up. but thats why im always nervous about my computer its just goin to fry one day and take down the whole ship with it.
  2. i would check ur airflow and install that new heatsink and other cooling devices that you ordertd and see if that helps
  3. Check using some live linux disc..
  4. Update: Once the new fan was insalled & seated properly ( w/compound) the computer stayed running - all of you were correct it was airflow / cooling issues.
    Now I have my network up & running . .. Finally!
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