Display full windows desktop area at lower than 640x480?

I am adding pc support to an old arcade cabinet I have which supports resolutions @ 15, 24, and 31hz. when running at 15hz the resolutions are so low that in windows it won't display the whole desktop area much of the time, or windows/graphics are too large to be useful. To be clear- my video card supports these low resolutions and the picture is fine, it's just the displayable area that I'm having a problem with. The parts of the screen i'm not seeing are not 'off-screen' (as in, I won't see them if I just adjust screen position- they actually aren't being drawn).

This makes it very hard to troubleshoot and work within windows when I need to. I'm guessing this is related to there being a minimum size for certain graphics, and that there is a fixed size and mimimum size for some windows- but I'm wondering if there is any sort of utility or patch that shrinks stuff down or does whatever is necessary to run at these lower resolutions while still showing the full area of the windows desktop and dialogs/applications that are run.

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