Can i run my hd 4870 with only one 6 pin connector

hi i only have one 6 pin connector from my power supply can i still run my hd 4870 if so do i connect to the top or bottom port?
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  1. No...
  2. Are you joking..??..!!!!!!!!! Get a new PSU or a molex to six pin converter..
  3. can i get a molex to six pin converter at lets say future shop or staples or the sourse?
  4. you can get a molex to 6-pin adapter, but if your PSU does not have two PCIe connectors it may well be to weak for the card.

    what PSU do you have?
  5. well my psu is a dynex model dx-ps 500W, the card recommends 500w with 2 75w pcie connectors so will a dual molex to 6 pin adapter give me the extra 75w?
  6. it doesnt give extra watts, but it will give you the connector to supply that wattage from the PSU.

    im not sure that PSU can handle a 4890 though. its a POS to be honest, and i dont think you should try running a 4890 on it.
  7. I agree that trying to run a 4870 on that PSU is asking for trouble. If it was say something like a Corsair VX 450 Watt PSU that has a single PCIE connector but a solid single 33Amp rail then i would say fine go for the adapter.
    However your PSU (if google gave me the correct one) has 2 16 Amp rails which does not guarantee it has 32 Amps, i would be very worried that it was over stating itself, it basically means it can deliver 16 Amps on either rail but doesn't mean it can do so on both at the same time.
    A good quality PSU would list the Wattage for the +12V rail/s and if you divide that number by 12 you get the true Amperage of the +12V rail/s. With a good make this will equal the given Amperage on the sticker, lots don't even come close.

  8. underclock 4870's core clock to 650mhz and then maybe.
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