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Hi all,

Since the crappy 875w powersupply unit in my Alienware Aurora can't output enough power to the HD5970 and HD5850, I've narrowed the selection of power supplies to 3 PSUs:

Antec Truepower Quattro 1200w
Antec Truepower Quattro 1000w
Antec Signature 850w

Which one of these are enough to power the 2 GFX + the i7920 @ 3.86, 4HDDs, and a whole lot of other stuff?

The reason why I chose these powersupplies is because there is a large shield that covers the top of the PSU so I can only have a PSU with the fan on the back or front. not the top or bottom.

Any Response is appreciated.
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  1. All three would power it just fine, get the Quattro 100W as its only $175+MIR.
  2. Comparing the 1000w and the 1200w, the 1200w has 38amps for each rail whilst the 1000w only has 25. Are you sure the 1000w is enough for a HD5850 and HD5970 @ 5870 speeds?
  3. An antec Truepower 750 us enough to handle two 5870s in CF with OCing, the 5970 uses less power so you have plenty of head room on your power consumption. The TPQ 1000W would likely handle a 3 5870s without a problem.
  4. Oh thanks, so you think the TPQ 1000w is enough? I'm happy to pay more for the 1200w if it is needed.

    Are the power-cache capacitors on the 1200w worth it or is it just cable bulk?
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    The TPQ 1000W is more than enough, you will be fine with it.

    The TPQ 1200W does need them, if you use cables without them on it, its ripple goes a bit funky, see the bottom of this page of its review for more details, that was done at full load though, and the issue doesnt seem to occur with the TPQ 1000
  6. Thank you so much for your help, I will buy the PSU in maybe a few hours time!
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